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which incorporate the Gas Volume Conversion Device (GVCD) ENVOL connected to an RTU TAIGA.

The latest collects data from the VCD as well as monitor the inward, outward pressure and the flow valves or any other digital input depending on the customer needs.

All those pieces of information are than sent to a SCADA system (SENTINELLE) which will process them according to the customer configuration :

  • Toward a graphical interface enabling the user to have an overview of his network and visualize rapidly the stations that require his attention (VIRGIL)
  • Toward a billing software,
  • Toward a Gas Load Forecast(GLF) software,
  • Toward a customer management software which will verify the volume used but also the Calorific power (PCS) of the gas delivered to the customer. (SENTINELLE)
  • Toward on-call staff in the case of alarms (GSM, PSTN and/or E-mail). With a voice interface for the transmission of messages.

We are able thanks to our experience of Gas distribution or transport networks to put in place a complete solution which fit the customer needs.

We have always worked in close collaboration with our customers when developing a new product and/or solution. On another hand knowing the needs of the customer’s different users (accounting, maintenance, forecast…) we provide each service with the features of interest for them, this makes our solutions easier to use and helps the user extract the data fit to purpose.

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