Values, vision and Strategy

Our values

Our customers :

We provide turnkey solutions for supervising and managing transport and distribution networks in GAS – ELECTRICITY and WATER fields. Those networks managements are even more sensitive as any issue might deprive several households of energy or water (today we don’t know any more how to live without any of those).

That’s why we it is mandatory for us :

  • To listen to our customer.
  • To offer solutions which meet there needs.
  • To be available to provide answers/solutions to deal with our customer everyday issue “properly managing the network” with all the challenges he faces.
With over 40 years of experience in network infrastructure management, we offer solutions that are built for purpose and therefore can be installed within the gas cabinet very easily.

Our Workforce

Our Strength is our staff experienced and qualified. We follow them on a day to day basis to ensure :

  • They work safely whatever the environment.
  • They are regularly trained on the prevention of risks as well as to the new technologies implemented in our area of expertise.
  • Their opinion is important and suggestions of those who install and configure our systems everyday are taken into account when developing new products.
  • The company provides them with the means to meet the challenges our customers give us.

Our will to surpass ourselves :

Our challenge is to offer a reliable product of good quality, with all the useful certifications answering to the customer needs. In order to meet this challenge, our R&D team is always looking to improve the product performances.

Our Vision

To become thanks to our close relationship with our customers a major provider of Network management solutions (AMR/RTU…). We provide state of the art devices which are fit to purpose.

Our Strategy

  1. Work in collaboration with our customer in order to conceive products which when implemented, are transparent in the sense that they adapt to their procedure and are compliant with their network analysis tools.
  2. Hire, train and keep a competent and dynamic workforce.
  3. Increase our international exposure.

they trust us

  • EMMER service
  • GRDF
  • GRT Gaz
  • Engie